Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Massive Voodoo has launched the MV Challenge 2017.
It's the opportunity for me to partecipate to an other painting contest. I have realized than painting with rules and deadline is a very good way to improve and if the theme of the contest is fun, it's even better.
This year Massive Voodoo proposes two contests:
_ Base with water where you have to build a water-themed based alone.
_ Walt Disney Infinity where you must repaint a Disney Infinity figure. I've choosen to repaint one of this Disney figure. There is a lot of choice in the Infinity range with Pixar, Star War, Marvel and other film of the brand.
At the end I've decided to repaint Merida from the Pixar's Brave. She's a cool character and the difference between the infinity design and the original is also an opportunity to play with the treatment of the different elements as MV let complete freedom in term of creativity.

The deadline is on October the 19th, I suppose it let me enough time to create also a nice base for my princess and maybe do some small conversions. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


After a break away from my pencils, I've finally come back and decided to start painting my Rackham Acheron undead army. Inspired by the new Game of Thrones season, I've choosen to paint my army in a frozen atmosphere. It's also an opportunity for me to try new techniques as I've never created winter and snow base.
Flying on the wave of motivation, I've decided to kick off with the biggest piece of the undead serie: Le Grand Crane ( the Almighty Skull) . It's not only the biggest in term of army point as he's a "living legend" which is, in Confrontation game, the most powerful unit of the army but it also in literary the biggest miniature.
The guy is a massive skull warrior, the skeleton I put on the base give you an idea of the scale. Considering he's a metal miniature, that's also mean he's very heavy. In fact I've struggle a lot to put together and consolidate the different pieces and the base.
The wooden pike I've placed on the base are not only for aesthetic purpose but to maintain the cork under the weight of the mini.  
In term of painting, Le Grand Crane is going to be challenging. Not only because he's large but due to the profusion of elements in the sculpture, each of them heavily textured.
Fortunatly the most confusing part of the sculpture is on his back which will be mostly hidden by the huge cloak (which will be itself a challenge in the challenge).
After a black and white priming, I've started to paint to face and the skin parts. Because the colours hue will be mainly cold, I've tried to put some magic effect on his eyes with flashy orange just to create a contrasting focus on his face.
I think it's too soon to understand if the idea is good...  

Thursday, 18 May 2017


GangeekStyle has published the result of the contest.
I invite you to visit the site and check all the entries, there was a lot of interesting stuff.

On my side, I've placed 6th with my diorama, with the following comments from the judges:

Rintrah: Technically, there is a lot of improvement to do on different aspects (specially the bricks of the wall) but there is a real work on the composition, the light and the environment. A pretty nice scene!
Slave of paint : Nice environment but technically it is not so good. The diorama would work better with a smaller base.
Stéphane Nguyen : A classic diorama staging very realistic and archetypal  characters. It's a bold choice to present monochromatic zombies. Negative aspect: the technic used for the bricks on the wall is perfectable.
Rémy Tremblay thinks that Carkel is the only competitor who's matched the thematic. He's loved his job and think that the processing of the scene is original and cool.
Ivankaiser : The direction is perfect. We can identify the good, the brute and the mad. The choice to paint the zombies in monochromatic hue helps to indentify the main characters. Pity to have missed the the sculpture of the bricks wall, it seems cardboard. I think that the characters should deserve some extra highlights.

First of all, It's fantastic to have feed back from this judges. We are talking about very skilled painters and sculptors,
I'm very satisfied that my choice of direction has been recognized considering the brainstorming behind and the time I've dedicated to the scene. Technically, I'm aware of my limits so I'm not very surprised, it's clearly an aspect I need to improve. Probably I will have to change also my materials for the building of the scene.

Finally, Remy Tremblay's comment is so rewarding! I love his work, and of course considering I've painted the mini he's created for Zombicide, I was a little bit anxious knowing he was part of the judges.
So happy my scene has pleased you Remy.

and now?
I have different project in mind:

A Rackham Confrontation undead army. I've always dreamed to paint a complete army even if I will probably never play with. I have a nice collection of Acheron undead at home waiting to be painted, I would like to use them for this project. (also because I love the way Rackham did the undead)

 A Fantasy diorama in historical style. I have a box of major state templar from Rackham, I'me quite inspired my some documentary about templar and cruisader and i would like to paint them in some realistic scheme.

Kingdom Death Monster. I've pledged for the version 1.5 and very anxious to received my box. Can't wait to put my pencils on this mini!

In the short time, I think I'm going to relax mysef with some tabletop painting for zombicide. There is some survivors from Hasselfree waiting to be painted. Pulp time.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

[GGS CONTEST 2] The final result

And so, after 6 months of paintjob, I've finally finished my diorama Zed Is Dead for the Gangeekstyle contest.
It's the most elaborate and complete work I've ever done, and I'm quite sure that it would never finish such a big project without a contest to motivate myself.
I'm very satisfied with the result, it's exactly what I had in mind when I've started it 6 months ago. Of course, some details are not perfect, the ground and the shadows would be more neat. There is also some mistake on the characters painting.
I'm very curious and anxious to read the opinion of the judges.

Now, enjoy.  

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

[GGS CONTEST 2] Painting the survivors - Leonard the brute.

The due date for the GGS contest 2 is very near. I've just finished to paint the second character of my trio: Leonard the brute.
I've taken inspiration of Marcellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction, so the idea is to paint an afro american drug dealer with suspicious taste for clothes.
For the painting of the skin, I've worked with a base of chocolate, shaded with addiction of black and highlighted with cream.  

For the clothes I've chosen a mix of orange and blue (it's the idea of the complementary color for each character, the last one will be paint with Purple + yellow).
The base of the suit has been based with a blue grey and washed with blue. Then I've added the stripes with pure blue and finally work the shades and the light. 

The brute done.
the next and final one will be the good. 
3 weeks remained to the end of contest.